Cuisinart Gr-4n 5 within 1 Griddler

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Multiple functions, which includes contact grill, grill top, griddle in addition to sandwich press
Grill and griddle plates are simple to remove and attach
Plates tend to be nonstick, which makes them all to easy to cook and easy to clear
The floating hinge feature presses sandwiches evenly, which keeps them from getting pressed too thin
Temperature gets hot enough to build nice browning on sandwiches and meats

Small surface region, particularly when used as some sort of griddle

"Floating" hinge characteristic adjusts to thickness of meals
Two temperature controls: Grill placing ranges from "warm" to "sear" and also Griddle setting ranges from two hundred to 425 degrees
Indicator light-weight signals when Griddler is correctly heated
Grease drains from spouts about grill plates into included spill cups
Sleek, brushed-stainless body
Cleaning and scraping tool is included for cleaning grill plates
Minimal 3-year warranty
Guide Review - purchasing Cuisinart griddler Griddler GR-4

I was initially attracted to the Griddler because of all the ways it could be employed: as a griddle, as the grill, as a panini media. For the most part, it lives approximately its promise. The key is really a specially designed "floating" hinge, in addition to interchangeable cooking plates. The hinge unlocks to open the Griddler flat, so that you can put it to use as a surface cooker pertaining to either grilling or griddling.

As the Griddler is closed, the hinge also adjusts on the thickness of the food you happen to be cooking; it handles anything from thinly sliced eggplant with a thick tuna steak with aplomb, and presses evenly right into a panini sandwich, unlike other panini presses that could squeeze sandwiches tighter at the particular hinge end.

When open, the Griddler can be used with either the grill plates as a grill top, or the flat plates as a griddle. The total cooking area is roughly 200 square inches, but because the cooking floor is broken into two factors, space seems limited when you might be cooking a batch of pancakes or perhaps burgers. The griddle can handle about 6 small pancakes at a time, or 8 strips of bacon, and you wouldn't be able to fit more than 3 cheese burgers on each side. A help, though, to having two separate flat cooking surfaces is that you could cook two different foods immediately, without mixing flavors... beef cheese burgers and veggie burgers, for instance.

However it's used, the surface heats evenly and gets hot enough to place nice sear marks on a chicken or a steak.

The Griddler has spawned a household of less expensive variations, like the smaller Griddler Jr., which also may be used flat or as a make contact with grill but only has bbq grill plates; and the Griddler Communicate, which also only has barbeque plates. But at $129, the first, full-fledged Griddler is a good investment and will likely be used frequently in any kitchen's.